The Rubber Hits the Road

Tomorrow I start out my new, student-centered classroom with actual students inside. Once I get over the department or administrator mandated tests, that is.

And the answer to the big question is: I have decided to try flipping all my classes this fall. Anything that allows me to spend more face-to-face time with students, that allows me to work with smaller groups and delve deeper into student-student relationships, is worth pursuing. If I look back at my beliefs, I can’t try anything else.

Because different student populations approach school differently, I won’t be tied down to only one method of flipping. For my advanced class, who gladly do homework, we’ll have some teacher created video content to watch at home. For my regular classes, who are sometimes reluctant to buy into homework, I’ll try splitting the class in 1/2, with student centered writing/reading with one group while the other 1/2 interacts with teacher videos.

Since the Social Media class is offered for dual-enrollment credit, and the professor does not want me to post lectures to YouTube, I’ll save the Social Media videos for another time. Instead, we’ll try to do student centered exploration of social media to advertise our school.

Some years, I have had strong bonds with students, where they knew I cared and was interested in them. These students still stop by to chat, and when they see me in the grocery store or on the playground with my kiddos, they shout hello. Other years, I struggle to make that connection. Those are the years where there are discipline problems. I hope the flip will make this year a strong relationship builder.

Bring on the flip.

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