Student Engagement Success

Class by kentonridge
It does work, on occasion. With a lot of planning on my part to guide it along, they can share a learning experience. I can step back, a little, and watch the magic happen. Inquiry questions crop up all around us, naturally.
What time is curfew in Egypt?
What’s happening to Morsi, right now?
Do they have WIFI?
Is social media still blocked there?
I want to know how it all comes out.
Here we are, in a successful 2nd day of a cooperative learning jigsaw. We’ve been working with a text set about the 2011 and 2013 Egyptian Revolution.  Political cartoons, infographics, articles, we’ve run the gamut. Next week, we’ll look at some videos.  Some of our information is as current as last week.  
Success made that walk into the principal’s office that much easier. As an experienced teacher who wants to experiment with a new technique, I was apprehensive. What would he say to me?
Well, we agreed that some students lack the maturity to work well without direct supervision. To reach all my students, I need to teach some basic skills and to motivate them to want to learn those skills. Although teacher led activities work well for some students, they do not work well for all. A good balance is required.
Now, how to achieve that balance?
Class, a photo by kentonridge on Flickr.

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