Lift off into the wind

Yesterday, my PLN came through.

I have been struggling with students who seem more interested in tripping the flight attendant as she tries to serve drinks than in learning to fly. Wondering how bad it can get? Check out my post “Structure in a Flip Classroom.” I wondered if I would have to sacrifice the flip and turn on the “fasten seatbelts sign” to please my principal.

But I asked my PLN, and they came through. Here’s what one peer said:

Next, the moderators of #flipclass, my favorite (and only, honestly) twitter chat which takes place 8 pm EST, passed out the barf bags and warned we were entering a patch of turbulence. The topic? Student motivation.

So even the moderators of the #flipclass chat struggle now and again.  It gave me hope.

Today in class, I laid down the law. I gave the speech, about everyone having the right to a good education.  I explained that any attempt to disrupt or to avoid the task would mean instant removal, with a classroom detention with me to finish the flight.

And they responded. Excitement, on task behavior, and great work.

  1. Essential Question: Why is Egypt in turmoil?
  2. Assignment: Create a product that answers the above question

Note that we have read or interacted with the entire Egypt text set linked to the above Essential Question.

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