Party of Four, Seating Required

ImageLike most of the high school classrooms in America, I have desks. My desks squat in rows, they clump up in groups, they screech across our classroom floor whenever we try to get together and collaborate. And sometimes, my desks sabotage our classroom technology. Are they jealous, when kids are using 21st century skills? Do they resent the lack of worksheets, of textbooks, of traditional paper and pencil tasks? When the desk legs trip a student, so he falls to the floor and the Chromebook he was carrying smacks so hard the case cracks, does the desk secretly grin?

It’s not just the legs that trip us up. Sometimes, when we’re trying to use our fourteen Chromebooks along with our composition books or with the novel we’re currently reading, the sheer small work space defeats us. And where do you put the rest of the books, folders, papers, pencils, and purses my students haul from place to place?

I’d rather have tables and chairs. And this is where I stop. Do I create a “Donor’s Choose” project? Do I ask the world at large to help us to get some tables, so we can eliminate the menace of desk legs? I think I’m going for it.

Want to help us fund our project? Check out my page:

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