Staying Positive on a Grey Day

My family has a terrible tendecy to be negative. When I get my kids in the car to go  home,  it’s never, “I had the best day” or even “I had an okay day.” It’s always, “I had the worst day, mama.”  I try to refocus them, asking “What was the best part of your day?”  But sometimes, there is no best part to your day.

In my family, you have to work at seeing the sunlight through the clouds. You have to stop and take a minute to be grateful for all the wonderfulness that exists out in the world.  If I focus on all the things that didn’t work today, I could dwell on the fact that my CP English class got competitive, not collaborative, during our Mock Trial.  I might focus on the fact that I made my eight year old daughter cry when she came to my classroom and saw I had to dismantle her display she had set up on my only classroom table. I might obsess about the fact my four year son, who had stayed dry two nights in a row, had an accident at school and came home wearing snow pants.

Instead, I’m going to add some light. The hush of the students, keys clacking, as they demanded to know “What’s behind the corner!!!” The smile on my daughter’s face when she realized I really had made her macaroni and cheese, along with the chicken soup the rest of us ate. My son’s grin as he got to be the one to pick the PBS Kids show after school today. The anticipation of my favorite twitter chat, #flipclass, that is just about to start. The accomplishment of writing four for four posts in the November blogging challenge. And the satisfaction of losing that pound and a half I’d gained back.

Let’s call it a grey, not black day.

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