Students are Awesome


Today, a former student popped into my room, book in hand. I smiled.
“Is this the book you were talking about?”
“Yeah,” he said. “I’ll finish reading the second one, soon, too.”
And did he stop later in the day to see if I’d started reading it yet? Yes, he did.
Seems my former students know me for the book junky I am.

Now to hope for a snow day tomorrow.


    1. RIght now, I’m almost finished with Brandon Sanderson’s _Warbreaker_. All I can say about _Divergent_ is it is extremely popular with my students. As soon as I dig it, I’ll let you know. Thanks for posting!


    2. At first, I was worried it was too much Hunger Games, part 4. But the concepts are different, and the 2nd book goes off into an interesting direction. Now I’ll just have to wait till another student finishes book 3. 🙂


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