The Queen of B.S. Projects


The two hour delay set me up right. No time to do boring lectures in class. Instead, I made two instructional videos, one on annotating and one on themes in To Kill A Mockingbird. That allowed my CP English class to finish watching the PBS special the Scottsboro Boys. They’ll have to do the background vids for TKAM at home.

Then, I had an epiphany for Regular English. We’re doing some creative projects to demonstrate they learned something in the first part of The 5th Wave. Everyone is working by themselves. Since the book is full of flashbacks and other unique plot devices, they can create a timeline of chronological events. To depict characterization, they can make digital movie posters that depict the actors they think best fit the main characters and explain how the author uses indirect characterization. Lastly, they can choose to draw what they believe is the climax to the story thus far and write a description of that part of the plot.

All that, and I got to read Divergent, too. Very interesting. I liked how the plot is slowly revealed and not just shoved down your throat. Maybe a little too similar to Hunger Games, but I still enjoyed it.

I once had a student who furiously accused me of coming up with the project I’d assigned on the spur of the moment. It was a “b.s.” project, according to him, because it was spontaneously conceived. I firmly believe that creativity can well up and geyser, even if at that last moment.

B.S. Projects and Book Junkies, unite!

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