Haze of exhaustion

Exhaustion sweeps over me. Normally, I’d be tweeting at #flipclass, but I can barely keep my eyes open. Plus, there’s this new book by Robin McKinley, Shadows, that is sitting next to me on the couch.Typically, I resort to poetry as a blog post when I’m too tired to write longer pieces, since the November writing challenge doesn’t seem to have word count attached to it, but not tonight. Before I say goodnight, a recap of some of my educational day.

I thought I’d finally gotten caught up. I worked like crazy this weekend, finally grading my stack of creative writing prompt responses from my students. I’m hoping to use our schoology site to differentiate for my students in their revisions. I figured out one strength and one weakness, as well as resources to help students overcome their weaknesses. While 1/2 the class is working on a video, the other 1/2 will be working on revising their papers. But then I realize that I only have journals for a handful of kids in my 7th period class, and I ask them about it. It takes several hours of being at home to remember that they might be in a plastic bag at school. Sigh.

In addition, I duked it out with my new assistant principal about the advisability of sending a disruptive, swearing student back to my room after I’d kicked him out. After talking it over with the Intervention Specialist, I made plan #3 for how to accommodate several of my IEP kids who are lost. I posted to our school’s Facebook page about the latest student triumphs.  I met with my mentee about the forms she needs to fill out.

So I’m missing flipclass tonight. And I truly miss my PLN. They pick me up when I am too tired to face Tuesday.

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