Addicted to Statistics

I admit it. I do it every night and sometimes even at school. The longer I do it, the deeper the obsession becomes. I’m obsessed with stats on WordPress.

I only started writing this blog because I planned to ask my students in my Social Media class to follow suit. It’s the same reason I joined Twitter, because how can you teach something without actually done it yourself first? And, like the newbie blogger I am, no one read it. I was shouting in Plato’s cave about the shadows I saw every day, and the rest of the world shook its head and ignored me. And then NaBloPoMo started.

Free confession time. I’m a procrastinator. I enjoy the adrenaline of deadlines, of the axe waiting to cut off my metaphorical head. Although my creative writing teacher in college loved my poetry, the only time I really wrote it was when I was under the gun. Something about the feeling of pressure inspires me. And committing to blogging every day in the month of November sounded right up my alley.

And something strange happened. As I blogged every day, sometimes poetry, sometimes confessionals about my classroom, people started reading. They viewed my posts and even sometimes liked them. Maybe not enough to write a comment, but that’s okay. And then I noticed the little symbols on the top of the admin page, and I was hooked.

It’s fascinating to see how many people poked around at this blog, sometimes just viewing one post and moving on, sometimes lingering and looking around. And it’s addicting. And I don’t even like numbers for the most part. Give me a juicy language puzzle, or a brand new book, an intriguing poem or a moving short story, and I’m your girl. Hand me a pile of data about my classroom and I don’t know what to do with it.

Here’s hoping I can avoid the sports stats’ addicts need to memorize and share what I’ve found. Way to go, WordPress, you’ve actually got this addicted to words women addicted to stats.

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