Decision RE: Teachers vs. Technology

This linked article deals directly with some of the issues with which I’m struggling. It’s a great read, very thought provoking. I wish it was “Teachers AND Technology,” instead of the rightly titled: Teachers vs. Technology by Doug Robertson (@TheWeirdTeacher)

As those who read my occasional posts know, I am facing a huge career change choice right now. Here’s a little back story, for those who don’t hang on my every word. Last summer, I tried to take a position outside the classroom, as a teacher leader and technology coach. Due to staffing constraints (my principal couldn’t find another ELA teacher, after already replacing 4 out of 9), I started the year in my current role as a high school English teacher instead.

I love my students this year. Even though they are the lowest level of sophomore English, they are (mostly) enthusiastic, supportive, and fun to be around. And due to new regulations, there is a strong chance that I could teach the advanced juniors next year for college credit.

So what’s my decision? Well, I’ve reapplied for the technology position, for much the same reason as Doug says: I have the ability to make teachers feel heard and not talked down to when it comes to technology. But the district is facing huge budget shortfalls in the near future, and our superintendent has left us for greener pastures. There’s a good chance we’re facing RIFs after this next school year.

What should I do? Follow my passion and leave the safety of a sure thing? Or have a brand new prep, and teach college writing to the best of our students?

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