Feeding the addiction

I’m an addict. This morning, I fed my addiction for what felt like the first time in a long time. I was swept away into a land of distraction, running for my life but getting nowhere. The earth could have swallowed me up, and I wouldn’t even have noticed.

That’s right, I was climbing away on the arc-stepper at the gym, reading Sharon Shinn’s latest novel Jeweled Fire. I’m one of those people who would read science fiction and fantasy all day, to the exclusion of all else, if I could. And although this latest installment in the Elemental Blessings series isn’t as good as the others, it still swept me away.

I had to know: would Corene escape? Would Foley admit his feelings? I ran past the time I’d promised myself I’d stop, desperate to get past the climax, and took the quickest shower I could. Who knows? Maybe there’s a pair of sweaty unmentionables in a stall at the gym today.

So I took a little break from informational text about the homeless, book club preparation with nonfiction, heck, bill paying and all the other stuff adults do. Yeah books!

What’s your favorite read for fun adventure? Or do you have a guilty pleasure you’d share in the comments? Love to read it below!

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