Video Platforms for Teachers

Have you ever had to miss class for only one period, and didn’t want to have that class fall behind the others? Well, that’s happening to me today. Because I love technology and because I love my students, I often experiment with ways to help them learn. Today in class, we’re reviewing two college style composition techniques: the rhetorical situation, and the academic summary.

Students are fairly comfortable with rhetorical situation, so I used my favorite interact video app for iPad, Touchcast. Touchcast has amazing interactivity, which allows for viewers to click on the screen and interact with embedded videos, websites, and more. Of course, because this video was for later today, I couldn’t get too fancy. I like Touchcast because it is easy to use, edit, upload, and create content. Here’s the video I made today:

The other video creation tool I used was the Snagit extension, by TechSmith. This one is awesome, because it easily creates a screencast. I can’t actually be on the screen, but students can hear my voice, and see the words on the screen. Here’s the video i made, below:

So, which video would be most helpful to you as a learner, from TechSmith or from Touchcast? Explain in the comments below!

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