Differentiating Using Curriculet

Curriculet is an eBook company that provides Common Core aligned questions, quizzes, and annotations for popular and classic texts. I know, because I not only use the website all the time in class, I also work part time creating the eContent.

Why do I use Curriculet in my classes? It allows me to differentiate for students. Students that read faster than others can speed ahead, but those who need to take it slower can do so. If they already know how to find themes, they can breeze past the annotations, but if they struggle, the annotations are there to guide them through.

And it’s not just pre-created content; Curriculet lets me import my own texts. When I do my unit on “music as poetry,” I can tailor the content to fit my students’ needs. With the data reports, I can tell which content standards need addressing as well.

As a content creator, I am assigned a variety of texts (currently I’m working on Fig by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz), from current novels to classics like 1001 Arabian Nights. I find crafting Common Core aligned assessments really rewarding, because I have a better grasp of what the standards are asking than most of my fellow teachers.

Try out Curriculet: some content is free, and other content is inexpensively rentable, making for some awesome literature circle opportunities.

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