Grateful Leadership

Yesterday, all I could think about was myself. My enjoyment, my free time, my worries. How could I have forgotten Cub Scouts? Let me tell you about our Cub Master, Marc Quick.

Imagine that your children are all grown up, as are your grandchildren. You served your country in the Army. You have a full-time job. And yet, you are still willing to sleep overnight on your church’s hard floor, just to let a group of elementary age boys and their reluctant parents experience camping out. You willing sit through two kid movies, pass out popcorn and pop, clean up the inevitable spills. When you realize our space rockets are all missing the bracket, you shrug and plan how your third grade den will build the launcher next week.

Marc is the first one at the church to open it up. He listens with a kind ear to any crazy scheme we newbie Scout leaders want to try. Hold the fishing derby at Camp Birch? Sure! Send the whole pack to the Spook-o-ree and camp all weekend? Why not? You want to take your den to the Wittenberg Observatory? He’s there, with a smile and a Scout shirt, neatly pressed.

Marc is our calm male role model. He is the one with the wooden mallets he made by hand, and hand drills to make Christmas presents. He brings the hammers and nails, to build a brag board with all the knots my son knows how to tie.

Thank you, Marc, for all that you do for us.

“Marc Quick & Lions” by Jackie O’Connor is shared under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International and is not free to be reused except with permission.


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