Winter Hike

Winter Hike

We went for a hike today, then went to Young’s Jersey Dairy to cut our own Christmas tree. Family traditions to fill up our holiday weekend.


The Joy of Play

Mama, will you play with me?

I confess, I still don’t like playing. I’ll read with them, sing to them, take them to the potty in the middle of the night, but please con’t ask me to play. I feel so guilty about it. Shouldn’t every mom jump for joy, when asked for a round of Uno, or to play trains? But the truth is that although I love my family, sometimes I just need some time away. I keep waiting for that magic moment where they’re old enough to play something I like. But the truth is that I have lost my joy in playing. I hope reading with them, one activity I love, is enough.

Date Night Dissolves

Today, we discussed weighted grades. I offered retests and saw at least one student finally get what we were doing in our novel. I saw my spontaneous project bear intriguing fruit, and waited in vain for a disgruntled parent to come berate me.  I listened to my daughter beg to stay home from dance, and then share how happy she was to go. Whip lash, anyone?

Date night dissolves
into parallel play
as we cordially ignore
one another for
the saturated siren song
of a brand new book.

Two poems for Clifton Gorge

Two poems for Clifton Gorge

Happiness Is

Happiness is
The shhh of the rapids
The hidden rainbow
The glimpse
of a dinosaur footprint
The incessant roar
of a November wind
The dry crackle
The warmth of
one small hand


The dessicated lungs of
sycamore and oak
surge against a
faded cerulean sea,
rain around
our sneakered feet,
decompose as we
grind them underfoot.