#TBookC Reads Quiet

Spring semester, I joined an amazing group of teachers as a participant in a book club on Twitter. We read lots of different books, such as Teach Like a Pirate, Fish in a Tree, Wonder, How Full is Your Bucket, What Connected Educators Do Differently, and Drive. I found #TBookC to be super motivating, because we met three times a month, and I frequently read books I would never have read on my own.

During the summer months, we took a break from readings books. I was raring to go in the fall, excited to see my friends again, and suggested we read I Am Malala. I was so excited, I volunteered to lead the chat, the first time I’d ever lead anything but a slowchat on Twitter. I had a fantastic co-moderator, Nilmani Ratwatte, a teacher from Canada, to help. As the end of the chat loomed, I asked the founders if they planned to run another chat. Since we had no list of books, I asked the participants using a cool new tool on http://www.tricider.com. We picked Quiet, by Susan Cain, to read on Nov. 12 & 19, at 9 EST. You don’t have to be a teacher to join us!

In anticipation of Thursday, Nov. 12’s chat, here are the questions:

Q1  React to this quote from the Harvard Business School: “If someone doesn’t speak by the end of the semester . . . it means I didn’t do a good job.”

Q2: Have you ever road “The Bus to Abilene”?

Q3: How well do you, as a passive or proactive employee, succeed with your school leaders?

Q4 Where are you most comfortable: online or face to face?

Q5 How and where can we give Ss opportunities for practice in solitude?

Q6 Where do you do your creative, best work?