In 2017, I lacked balance. I often found myself neglecting one area of my life in order to perfect another. I also found that perfection just outside my grasp. It seemed as if only I reached a little farther or dug a little deeper, then I might have reached that brass ring. But like many, overreaching just led to falling down. Perfection is just not something I can ever hope to attain.

In my ever elusive search for perfection, I found myself neglecting parts of my life. My family and my personal health suffered. As I found myself trying to pour from an empty cup, I knew it was time for a change.

This year, I am returning to center. I need to find the time to balance not just my work, but also my family and my health. I need to find ways to let go of the need for perfection so that I can focus on the attainable.

I present to you my #oneword18: balance.

“Finding Balance” by woodleywonderworks is shared under a CC by 2.0 license.


#OneWord Focus

To be focused, to converge a wave of light into heat, to have a center of heat or intensity, these would be a major change in how I live my life. I have always been diffuse, spread out like a thin film of water vapor, like a planner with its first commitment in that five year plan somewhere in year 3.

You see, in a typical year, I am planning about tomorrow. No, the day after tomorrow. No, two months from now. There is nothing wrong with planning ahead, nor is there anything wrong with having many avenues to pursue joy. There is a problem, however, in rushing through life, unable to see the delicate bluebell before smashing it under heel on the way to the future. I need to be able to stop, to focus, to feel the earth holding me up, the air filling my lungs. To be in the  moment, this moment, with a purring cat heavy on my lap and my family asleep.

As 2017 moves forward, I will use this focus to remind me to be mindful of the now, to know that it’s okay to say no to that which does not further my purpose. Even as I plan for November’s NCTE conference, so much must I realize that today is a gift, and I cannot waste it.

Focus” by Mark Hunter is free to share or adapt under a CC 2.0 license.